The holiday season is upon us and folks are scrambling to fit shopping into the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We may not be able to help you pick the perfect gifts for your family and friends, but we can help speed up the process with our contactless debit cards!

Small business checking. We offer services that maximize the value of your business.

These cards provide a cleaner and safer, touchless way to check out that’s also fast, easy and secure. When the time comes to pay, simply locate the Contactless Symbol at checkout, tap your card on the terminal or hover your card over it for one to two seconds and you’re done! Remember that some places may also require you to enter a PIN or sign for the purchase. If a merchant doesn’t have a contactless enabled terminal, you can still insert or swipe your card to pay.

You have plenty of time to go contactless and get items checked off that shopping list. To learn more visit

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Arvest contactless debit cards are a free option for new checking accounts or replacing an expired debit card. Checking account required. Minimum deposit required to open checking account. Existing customers will be charged a $7.50 replacement fee.