As the temperatures outside fall, energy bills rise. Combined with travel expenses, purchasing gifts and new fall fashions, the winter months can be disastrous to your budget. By following a few quick tips, you may be able to survive until spring with your savings intact.

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Heat Only the Room You’re Using
Instead of wasting money by heating empty attics, guest bedrooms, or storage areas, only heat the rooms you actually use. You can do this by closing the vents to the unused rooms. Also check your windows and doors to make sure they’re properly sealed. Hundreds of dollars each year can be lost due to escaping heat and allowing the cold air in.

Smart Thermostats
The days of coming home to a frigid house or apartment are a thing of the past with smart thermostats. These devices not only let you monitor and control your home’s temperature from a smartphone, tablet, or PC, but can also drastically reduce your heating costs. Utility companies often offer their customers discounts and rebates for switching to LED lights, and smart thermostats. With a little research you can find out how much you can save in your neighborhood with this change.

Home Energy Audits
If you own a home, you can look into a home energy audit, also known as a home energy assessment. This audit lets you assess how much energy your home consumes and can help you determine which measures you can take to make your home more energy efficient.

Air Up Your Tires
Traveling to visit friends and family can easily become one of the most expensive parts of the holiday season. To avoid price increases, book your airfare and rental cars early. If you’re driving and not flying, make sure your tires are fully aired up. Properly inflated tires during the winter months can save you a bundle at the gas pump and can reduce your chance of a tire blowout.