As the summer months approach, many young adults will seek job opportunities. For some, it may be their first time to earn a paycheck and they may not know where they need to keep the newly earned income. For others, it may be the start of being out on their own. Whatever the case may be, consider these tips when starting a banking relationship:

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Open a bank account. FDIC-insured bank accounts will keep money safe, and they can help keep track of new earnings. There are various account options for young adults. When choosing the best account, considering factors such as minimum opening deposit, monthly and ATM fees, and mobile app features will be helpful when comparing accounts.

Create a budget. Knowing how much money is available for spending will allow successful management of finances. A budget helps track income, savings goals and expenses so that overspending is not an issue. Arvest Online Banking with BlueIQ™ is an easy and secure way to manage accounts anytime and includes a budgeting tool.

Use digital banking services to save time. Technology has made banking much more convenient. Utilizing options such as direct deposit, person to person payment services and mobile banking are easy, fast and secure. In addition, transferring money, paying bills and reviewing account balances can all be done on a smartphone or tablet.

Be mindful of scams. Protecting personal information will help keep money safe. Watch for text messages, phone calls and emails that sound legitimate but ask for personal information. Never give your personal information to someone you do not know.

Arvest Bank accounts offer features that allow easy and convenient day-to-day banking. Connect with a specialist today to open a new account by visiting a local branch, calling us at (866) 952-9523 or by applying online.