Your monthly bank statements provide a range of information about your account.

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Whether you receive your statement by mail or as an e.Statement, it’s important to review your statement each month to confirm you and your bank are aligned on the transactions that took place during the past 30 days and to make sure there are no errors or questionable charges on your account.

When looking at your bank statement, you’ll notice the statement period in the upper right-hand corner. Below that are phone numbers for customer service and other online resources.

Note your balance at the beginning of that month, the number and amount of credits and debits, your ending monthly balance, and any service fees.

A detailed list of every transaction involving your account will be listed on the following pages.  Review the date, vendor, location and amount to make sure there’s nothing out of the ordinary.  If you see a mistake anywhere on your bank statement – contact your bank immediately so they can look into it.

Your bank also will post any notices, or changes to terms and conditions, on your monthly statement.

To make sure your statements are as accurate as possible, track your account activity when you make a purchase or deposit money into your account. Then compare your list with your monthly statement.

Be sure to keep all of your transaction receipts, ATM, debits and deposit, until you have reconciled your account with your monthly statement.

Your bank statements are a convenient way to ensure your account is in order, so be sure to review them thoroughly.

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