Whether your garden is in your yard, patio, or on your windowsill – gardening can help you stay in touch with nature, reduce stress, save money and improve your health. Before you plant your seeds, take some time and watch the sun and learn which parts of your garden will receive the most sunlight. Misjudged sunlight is a common pitfall when starting your first garden.

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If space is limited, grow in containers. You can grow many plants in pots, including vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruit trees, berries, ferns, and shrubs. When gardening in containers be sure to use soil that is rich in nutrients and drains well. You can turn your existing soil into rich soil by mixing in all-purpose garden soil found at your local gardening store.

Be sure to give your plants enough water to thrive. The best way to tell if your plants need watering is by pushing a finger an inch into the soil, if it’s dry, it’s time to water. Be careful not to over water however, stunted slow growth with yellowing leaves is a symptom of over watering.

If space isn’t an issue, you can look into turning your space into a dream garden with an Arvest Personal Loan*. Transform your front or back yard with intricate stones, outdoor string lights, flowers, fountains, and more. *Loans subject to credit approval.

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