Natural disasters can happen any time of the year, so having a home – and a mobile disaster supply kit can help you better manage the situation in the days that follow. Create a mobile disaster kit in a waterproof storage container that can be quickly and easily moved in case your family has to evacuate the area. In the event an emergency forces you to remain at home, create a kit that can sustain you for several days. Both kits should be stocked with hearty, nonperishable food that doesn’t require preparation and a three-day supply of water per person. Also store a supply of critical medications, a hand-crank radio, flashlight, extra batteries, a portable phone charging device, first aid kit, personal hygiene items and blankets.

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In addition to supplies, prepare for the fact that there may be no power, internet, or possibly communication. In a waterproof bag, store copies of your financial account numbers, insurance information, and contact lists for family and utilities – as well as enough emergency cash to provide for shelter, food and gas for a few days. Contact your bank immediately. They can help you manage ongoing financial responsibilities such as loan payments, bills and other financial matters.