The holidays are all about being thankful for what you have – and giving to those less fortunate. This Thanksgiving, if you’re looking for ways to give back, but want to make sure your charitable giving is budget-friendly, we’ve got some tips for you.

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Giving back doesn’t have to mean giving money. For instance, you can clean out your closets and donate the items you already have. Coat drives are popular at this time of year, but there are also organizations that collect furniture and toys.

Make giving back a family matter, and volunteer as a group at a local non-profit. Many non-profit organizations have programs where you can sponsor a local family’s holiday meal by grocery shopping and delivering their meal to them. These examples are just as impactful as giving money!

If charitable monetary donations are important to you, consider opening a separate Arvest savings account just for donations. You can add to it all year long – and use it during holiday season to fund your acts of kindness. Learn more about our savings accounts at

Disclosure: Arvest makes no representation that any contribution is tax deductible. Please consult you tax advisor.