Today in our credit series, we’re focusing on building or rebuilding your credit.

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Pay on time.
Whether building, maintaining, or rebuilding, payment history is the single biggest factor impacting credit scores according to Try not to use too much of your credit limit. Basically, try to keep at least 70 percent available.

Get an entry level credit card.
Credit cards like the Arvest Origin™ Credit Card are excellent entry-level cards to help customers with little-to-no credit, or those looking to build credit, start using and managing a credit card. With a low annual fee, plus extra value-added features, the Arvest Origin card is a smart, affordable way for customers to build solid credit by making on-time and consistent payments each month.

Become an authorized user.
Becoming an authorized user on someone else’s credit card account is a strategy for improving your personal credit score. It works best if the primary user’s card has a long record of on-time payments and a high credit limit. Not all financial institutions report authorized users, so before you act, do the research.

Arvest Credit Cards are subject to credit approval.
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