Moving is an exciting process! If you’re moving into a new apartment, there are a few things you should do to make the experience positive. Before you move in, be sure to take a walk-through of the apartment. Check the locks and the water pressure, note your cell reception in every room, and take some measurements to be sure your furniture will fit.

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Once you find your dream apartment, get renters insurance! You may not think you need it, but some landlords require it, and it’s nice to know you’re covered in an emergency.

Also, meet your neighbors and get to know them! Living in an apartment means you’ll likely hear your neighbors moving around their space, and they’ll hear you too. The noise is less bothersome when you know the people you live around.

You’ll likely need to pay your rent at the same time every month. With an Arvest checking account, you get unlimited BillPay, which is free with most accounts, and allows you to schedule a payment to be sent to your landlord at the right time every month. That way your payment is automatic which can help you avoid late fees!

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