When it’s time to choose or change the bank for your business, the selection process can and should be very similar to how you go about choosing the right job candidate to add to your team. As with a job candidate, you want the bank with the right mix of services and talent that will help propel your business – not just meeting your goals, but exceeding them.

We can help you decide which loan is right for you.

It stands to reason that, as would be the case when hiring for other key positions, business leaders should carefully examine the benefits of their commercial bank. Here are six services every business deserves from their bank.

  1. COMPETITIVE RATES: The capital you need to expand and succeed, offered at competitive market rates because you are a valued customer the bank wants to see flourish.
  2. CASH MANAGEMENT TOOLS: Top-of-line cash management tools that improve operational control by providing you the ability to set up multiple users with personalized access and entitlements, as well as facilitating the establishment of procedures for internal controls for various transaction processes.
  3. DEDICATED BANKER: A real relationship with a dedicated banker who can focus on you and your unique business; someone who is willing to do more than just process your loan or regular transactions. Businesses deserve a banker who will work to understand the complexities of your business and offer financial solutions to meet your needs.
  4. FLEXIBLE LOANS: A line of credit can help provide capital enabling your business to:
    • Purchase inventory
    • Finance accounts receivable
    • Position your business to take advantage of trade discounts
  5. ONLINE TOOLS: Business checking accounts with online tools and streamlined processes that allow you to manage your account anywhere, anytime.
  6. LONG-TERM PLANNING: Support for long-range planning and business growth such as:
    1. Commercial real estate purchases
    2. Acquisition financing
    3. Financing for capital expenditures like structural repairs, construction or funding to acquire or upgrade equipment

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