During the winter months it’s important to keep track of your vehicle’s tire pressure and tread. Your tires can lose up to one pound of pressure per square inch with every 10 degree drop in the air’s temperature. Driving around with low tires can lead to higher fuel costs, unexpected blowouts, or damage to the tire’s tread, which could lead to an accident.

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You don’t want to find out that your tires are worn out by spinning out of control in the rain or snow. Check your tire’s tread depth by purchasing a tire tread depth gauge from an auto parts store, or simply use a quarter to judge whether the tires need replacing. If the top of George Washington’s head is just visible when placed head first in a tread groove, then the tread has about 4/32nd-inch depth. This is usually enough to offer some grip on the winter roads, but you’ll want to start shopping for replacements soon.

If the cost of new tires is more than you can manage at this time, look into applying for an Arvest credit card*. Used responsibly, an Arvest Credit Card can be a great payment solution. These cards are widely accepted and are more secure than carrying cash – plus Arvest Credit Cards are automatically enrolled in the Arvest Flex Rewards™ program, which lets you earn points on everyday purchases.

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*Arvest Credit Cards are subject to credit approval.