We all need an occasional tweak to our wardrobe every now and then. Whether it’s a new job, a new season, or you just want a piece of clothing that’s trending – a closet refresh can be invigorating!

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But, how do you update your look while living on a budget? First, take inventory of your wardrobe to know what you actually wear. Sell your rarely worn items on social media sites for extra income. If you love your friend’s style, swap your gently worn items with them. It’s new to you – and it’s free!

When looking in your closet, make a note of the condition of your staple items – slacks, dress shirts, skirts, etc.  You may need to shop for what you need versus what you want, especially if you’re updating for work. Color-coordinate your closet to see if you favor a particular color. Adding new colors can expand your wardrobe and reduce duplication.

Shopping big sales and resale shops for gently used clothes and accessories is very budget friendly, and while you’re out shopping, keep an eye on your spending with the Arvest Go mobile app.

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