Navigating through the college experience can be tough. Some students might anticipate an easy transition into the workforce. For Arvest interns, this can be a reality. Arvest Bank’s Internship Program is a special opportunity to get exposure and professional development. Here are some key elements of what the Internship Program has to offer:

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1. Experience in Financial Industry. With opportunities to be involved with 12 different departments, interns are immersed in the financial industry from day one. The wide range of departments is a distinguishing factor of this internship. Some of the teams that interns work with include Marketing, Information Technology, Data Analytics, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Wealth Management, Treasury Management, Mortgage Services, Commercial Lending and Risk Management.

2. Connections. Arvest has an environment that fosters collaboration and teamwork, which is a major contributor to building connections. Arvest associates communicate their role in the business to the interns. The interns also have the chance to reach out to anyone in the company to learn more about their roles and build relationships.

3. Career Guidance. This internship gives students an idea of what areas they are interested in pursuing after they graduate. Interns gain valuable career guidance by learning from associates and gaining experience in many different departments.

4. Opportunities to Impact. From day one, the interns are expected to contribute to the operations of the company. This is mainly done through class projects that are assigned through the Internship Program. The fresh prospective that these students bring has a lasting impact.

5. Possible Full-Time Employment. Kevin Sabin, CEO of Arvest Bank, is a big proponent of interns using this opportunity to land a job after college. He expresses that this is a top priority when it comes to what interns should get from their internship. By taking advantage of every opportunity they get, interns have a good chance to achieve full-time employment.

These five aspects of the internship give students the building blocks to jumpstart their professional careers. In such a welcoming environment, it only makes sense that interns will get out of this what they put in. Interns learn quickly that Arvest associates live up to the culture of people helping people. With so much to offer, the Arvest Internship Program is a summer well spent. Arvest will begin accepting applications this fall here for the 2022 Summer Program.