Most of us could use some extra money every now and then — whether we’re saving for something special, or just want a little extra in our account between paychecks.

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So where do you begin? Even if you’re great at budgeting, look at your spending habits to see what you can trim. Begin with entertainment and fast-food expenses. Shop sales, use coupons, and buy off-brand items when shopping for food or recreational clothing.

Adjusting spending can save money, but a side-gig is a faster way to earn it! A part-time job can pay well, even if you’re working only 10 hours a week, and, employee discounts save you money!

If you need flexibility, offer your help on social media, and check out local community pages. House cleaning, pet sitting, and yard work are always in demand.

Set aside your extra money in a savings account that earns interest. You can watch your money grow – and you may be less tempted to spend if it’s in savings rather than checking.

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