A week-long vacation may not be an option this year, but you can still have fun in your hometown with a staycation! Make the most of your time off by doing something just for you, that brings a smile to your face. Treat yourself to a nice home-cooked dinner, maybe even splurge for a more expensive cut of meat, or grab curbside takeout from a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. Whatever you do, make sure it’s memorable.

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If you’re looking to get out of the city, plan a campout and hiking trip. Check online to see if campsites are open and available and take a trip into nature for some much-needed R&R. Cooking your meals outside and sleeping under the stars can be a great way to enjoy your time off, without breaking the bank.

While you’re shopping for your staycation, you might need access to your bank accounts. The Arvest Go mobile app lets you easily move money from your savings to checking, check how much you’ve spent, categorize your expenses at the end of the day, and so much more.