Dreaming of summer vacation? The beach is a fun, affordable destination – if you follow these tips. First, drive! Road tripping is cheaper than flying, and you won’t have to worry about transportation costs when you arrive.

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Second, be flexible with your dates and avoid holiday weekends. You’ll get better room rates! Speaking of where you’ll stay, keep your eyes set on a house or a condo near, but not ON, the beach for the best rates. These properties usually have free parking and a kitchen, which means you can avoid restaurant prices! Plan your meals before you hit the road and pick up groceries on the way. Cooking with the family is a fun activity, and you could save hundreds of dollars by not dining out each night.

When you’re on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is your finances. Luckily, Arvest has a solution. The Arvest Go mobile app allows you to manage your accounts on your phone to quickly do things like check balances, transfer funds between accounts, and even temporarily lock or unlock your debit card if there’s a security issue. When you’re travelling, that banking convenience is priceless!