Holiday shopping is in full swing and protecting your financial information is more critical than ever! According to Adobe®Analytics, the U.S. is expected to reach $221.8 billion in online sales this holiday season, marking a 4.8% increase from 2022. As you conquer holiday shopping, don’t put your financial safety on the back burner.  Consider these tips for safe and successful purchases:

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 Verify the Source: Consumers are experiencing a significant shift in the retail market due to supply chain shortages. Products may be difficult to find or have longer production and shipping times.  It is important to take precautions as you see deals that seem to-good-to-be-true.  They probably are!  Scammers may be presenting false advertisements to prey on those drawn to quick shipping, low prices, etc.

Utilize a Credit Card: Online shopping can be an efficient way to check everything off your list this holiday season! As you surf the web and make purchases, consider using a credit card rather than a debit card.  By using your Arvest Visa® credit card, you’re protecting your bank account from potential compromise, and have access to many additional benefits such as:

    • Visa’s Zero Liability Policy, you won’t be held responsible for unauthorized transactions made with your Arvest Visa® credit card
    • Visa® Purchase Alerts allow you to receive near real-time updates on your Arvest Visa® credit card activity to help reduce fraud and monitor your accounts
    • Visa® Click to Pay is a digital payment service that can make online payments simple, fast and secure
    • The ID Navigator Powered by NortonLifeLock™* tool keeps you informed of potential threats to your identity so you can act quickly

Take time to choose the secure payment option and consider the benefits available to you and your financial safety.  If you choose to utilize a credit card, don’t forget to pay your credit card balance in full to avoid racking up interest charges.

Purchase securely with a Digital Wallet: Online and in-store shopping can be done efficiently and securely by utilizing a digital wallet with a compatible device. Leave your credit card in your wallet and pay confidently knowing that your card information has been encrypted.  This means that your card numbers are not transmitted when completing a translation; rather, digital wallets utilize random payment codes that cannot be used again.  As a plus, full card numbers are not displayed within digital wallets; thus, no one can gain access to your credit card information digitally or from being in the vicinity. Arvest Visa® credit card customers can simply download Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, then make purchases on the go at more than a million stores or in participating apps.

Confidently check shopping off your list this holiday season by keeping your information secure! Arvest Visa Signature® Card customers, view your Guide to Benefits here.  All other Arvest Personal Credit Card Customers can view your Guide to Benefits here.


* No one can prevent all identity theft.