It’s not always easy to stay positive in a challenging market environment. We’re all human: we get tired, we get stressed or we just lose focus. Maybe it’s higher interest rates and low inventory, or maybe it’s a new technology we haven’t yet dedicated time to learn that can add to our stress. But, especially in a challenging market, customers need a positive professional who understands facts, lending options and historical data. And regardless of the market, you can continue building a legacy based on an uncompromising standard for how you serve your clients.

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From my 37 years in the industry, I can assure you the pendulum will eventually swing back to a sense of normalcy. Interest rates will stabilize, inventories will normalize and markets will start moving again. But the role of technology in real estate sales and service will only grow.

In the last twenty years, we’ve seen seismic shifts in technology for real estate services. Customers increasingly expect a more online, self-service option to simplify and automate the process, blurring the line between consumer-direct and traditional information channels. Now, software systems allow us to share data with our customers and infinite information streams are accessible. Online applications, MLS data and digital submission are available at the click of a button through real estate boards and third-party aggregators.

While these technological advances have certainly improved efficiencies and access to information, the question remains: Is customer self-service helping us do our job and deliver better service overall? Or is it supporting a preconceived notion that we now have less value?

In industries like real estate and mortgage, where a high-touch customer experience is expected, we need to treat AI innovations as tools to enhance the customer relationship, not replace it. We need to embrace the most convenient ways to offer products and services, while being careful not to allow technology to replace the human touch.

I encourage you to stay vigilant, keep training, and look for innovative ways to embrace the future of the business.

Carter Maxey: Business Coach and 37-year veteran of real estate & mortgage sales & management

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