Those who work from home know achieving professional and personal balance can be challenging. Find work-life stability this fall with the following tips:

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1. Start with a morning routine. It can be tempting to leave your business wardrobe in the closet while working from home. You may dress more cozy in the fall, but make sure your professionalism doesn’t suffer by establishing a morning routine. Try preparing your outfit the night before then brewing a cup of your favorite spiced coffee to start the morning.

2. Have a dedicated office space. Ensure you have a personalized, yet functional, room or place designated for business if you are working from home permanently. This will allow you to focus during your established working hours and not become distracted by other events that may take place in the home.

3. Establish set work hours. With many companies allowing employees to work remotely from home, setting established work hours – and sticking to them – can become increasingly difficult. Stick to your schedule, no matter how tempting it may be to answer an email or phone call after hours. Unless overtime is planned, keep work devoted to your set working hours.

4. Use a business phone or computer. Technology makes staying connected easy, which can be both good and bad. Avoid working during planned time off or after your set hours by utilizing two different devices. Leave your business device in your devoted office space after hours. Most companies that allow remote work provide dedicated business devices.

5. Set non-negotiable personal time. Though there may be times when events extend scheduled working hours, set boundaries where business is completely restricted. Planned time off is the perfect opportunity to step away from work and focus on your family, friends or hobbies. Focus on your mental health by taking a day off for a scenic drive or hike.

Take care of yourself while working from home. Although it may be difficult to achieve the perfect work-life balance, it is critical to your health and happiness.