Summer traveling is all about relaxation, family time, or just getting away from your everyday routine. It is a time to leave your worries at home. Here are some helpful tips to put your mind at ease this summer while traveling.

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  1. Leave work at the office

It can be easy to worry about your work duties while you are on vacation. To set yourself up for success, finish what you can before you leave. Set up an out of office message in your email, tie up any loose ends on projects, and provide backup contacts in case anyone needs anything while you are away. This will ensure that everything will be taken care of during your travels and allow you to spend this time relaxing.

  1. Tell your bank you are traveling

Give your bank a call before traveling out of the country so that they can prepare for unusual transactions. This is a precaution to avoid interruptions on your account for suspected fraudulent activity. You can also temporarily lock your Arvest debit or personal credit card instantly if lost or stolen during your trip by using the card management feature in the Arvest Go app.

  1. Keep up with your important documents

If you are traveling by plane or out of the country, it is crucial to know where your important documents are. This includes your passport, drivers license, plane tickets, or any document you need to leave or get back during the duration of your trip. Having this all in a safe place will make it easier for you to present those items when needed instead of worrying about where they are or losing them.

  1. Do your research

Get to know your destination before you arrive. It is good to know things like your hotel address, check-in time, accommodations, restaurants in the area, and activities you would like to do ahead of time. Giving yourself a general idea of the location hot spots and itinerary for your trip will alleviate stress in the long run.

  1. Have fun!

While these are all important tips for travel, the most important is to have fun while you are away. Enjoy yourself, eat good food, and take pictures to document all the fun you are having to remember later!

Some of these topics can be stressful to deal with but handling it all before venturing out will save you time and energy during your trip. We hope that by using these tips you are more prepared for your vacation and can leave feeling refreshed!

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