When traveling for vacation, the holidays, or even a weekend getaway, you want the peace of mind in knowing your home is safe. Security systems, interior cameras and camera doorbells provide an extra eye – inside and out.

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Set timers or keep a light on to make your home less enticing to a potential intruder by making it look like someone is home. Electrical outlets that are connected to a mobile app can allow you turn lamps on and off with one touch – from anywhere at any time.

Instead of a hide-a-key, consider a ‘smart lock’ with a keypad for entry.

Keep bushes trimmed, especially around doors and windows, and consider putting a lock on privacy fence gates while you’re gone. Beforehand, ask a trustworthy neighbor to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. It’s always good to have multiple layers of protection.

For added protection to your personal finances, the Arvest Go mobile app allows you to temporarily lock or unlock your debit card if there’s a security issue. When you’re travelling, that level of peace of mind is a huge benefit.