Living in a high-interest rate environment presents a unique opportunity for your finances to grow in a significant way. At Arvest, our commitment is to empower customers with the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed financial decisions. We’re here to help make your money work smarter and more efficiently to help you reach your goals.

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That’s why we’ve introduced deposit products that break new ground by offering competitive rates of return while prioritizing accessibility and rate protection. We’ve rewritten the rules of Money Market accounts and CDs with our new deposit products by making them more flexible to meet your needs. Let’s take a look at them, and explore ways you can enjoy competitive rates of return without sacrificing ease of access or flexibility, making it easier than ever to grow your money.

Certificate of Deposits

A Certificate of Deposit – or a CD – is a financial product that allows customers to invest a fixed amount of money for a specified period at a predetermined interest rate, higher than that of regular savings or checking accounts. For most CDs, the interest rate remains fixed throughout the term, providing a reliable and predictable return on the investment. The key feature of CDs is they require the account holder to keep the money deposited for a set period, typically ranging from a few months to several years, and there may be penalties for early withdrawals. Placing your money in a CD in a high interest rate environment is a fantastic way to save smart, and Arvest has two different options to meet your needs.

Arvest 14-Month Rate Boost CD

Arvest’s innovative Rate Boost CD is a unique offering in the world of CDs. Unlike traditional CDs that lock you into a fixed interest rate, the Rate Boost CD allows you to enjoy an attractive initial rate without the rigidity of a locked rate.

This flexibility is further enhanced by the feature that your rate can actually increase over time. If interest rates rise during the term of your CD, you have the option to request a one-time rate boost. This means that the amount of interest you earn on your investment’s performance can potentially improve in response to changing market conditions.

The Rate Boost CD from Arvest is all about empowering you to make the most of your investment by providing an opportunity to benefit from rising interest rates. With the ability to request a rate boost, you have the potential to secure a higher return on your investment, making it a dynamic and forward-thinking option for those seeking flexibility and increased performance in their CD investments.

Arvest 7-Month No Penalty CD

The 7-Month No Penalty CD provides the perfect balance between earning great rates and maintaining the flexibility to make withdrawals without incurring penalties. Unlike many traditional certificates of deposit, this CD doesn’t restrict your access to your funds.

You can secure an attractive rate on a 7-month CD while knowing you won’t be penalized if you need to make withdrawals after the initial six days. This feature ensures you can enjoy both the benefits of a competitive rate and the convenience of having your money readily available when you need it.

In a world where financial needs can change unexpectedly, this CD stands out as a practical choice. It offers the security of a fixed interest rate for 7 months while also recognizing the importance of accessible funds. With the option to make withdrawals without penalties after the initial six-day waiting period, you can be confident your money is working for you while remaining within reach for those unexpected or planned financial requirements.

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Arvest has designed these products to help empower our customers to select the most intelligent strategies for growing your wealth and savings in today’s high-interest rate landscape. We understand the importance of tailoring financial solutions to individual needs, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Reach out to us today to make the most of your financial potential. Let’s get you on the path to larger savings and ensure you maximize the opportunities presented by this high-interest rate environment. Your financial success is our priority, and we look forward to assisting you in achieving your goals.