Balancing the day-to-day operations and responsibilities of a small business can leave you feeling overwhelmed.  Choosing between suppliers, navigating staffing, and growing your business are extremely important to the success of your company, and finances play a crucial role in each of those moving parts.  When you are ready to take your small business to the next level, consider utilizing a business credit card to save you time, track expenses, earn rewards on purchases, and increase cash flow.  Here is what you should look for when considering a business credit card:

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  1. Expense Tracking: Your time is valuable – don’t waste it tracking expenses! Utilize a card that offers real-time expense monitoring.  This allows you to track spending, efficiently “balance” your books, and stay within your budget.  Looking for a specific purchase or receipt? Make sure there is a digital application available that allows you to find all this in one spot and have a digital paper trail.
  2. Reward Perks: Business credit cards often offer a rewards program that can help you maximize your business spending. When shopping for a business credit card, consider what is important to you and your business.  Would you benefit from cash back or statement credits? You can earn rewards points on eligible purchases and redeem for cash back, statement credits, travel, and more.  Get rewarded for spending and take advantage of what is of value to you and your business!
  3. Cash Flow and Spending Limits: Cash flow can be limited when you are starting a business or managing daily expenses. A business credit card provides you with a line of credit for your business to make purchases while freeing up capital.  In addition, employees need access to make purchases on behalf of the business.  Consider a business credit card that allows additional cardholders and the option to set spending limits.  No more reimbursing your employees for business related purchases.

Business credit cards can help your business increase efficiencies, provide a convenient way to track and manage expenses, and reward you.  It is also important to consider which business credit cards are most appropriate for your business’ priorities.  No matter the size of your business, a business credit card can put you at a great advantage!  Learn more about the Arvest Corporate Credit Card here.