August is National Golf Month, and whether you’re beginner or longtime links lover, it’s a great time to enjoy the game. Summer may be winding down, but there is still plenty of sunlight to hit the course or driving range early or late.

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Those who play will tell you golf is a great sport for socialization, too, so read below for 18 ways (with help from tee-time marketplace GolfNow*) to get out and celebrate National Golf Month.

  1. August is National Golf Month, and whether you’re beginner or longtime links lover, it’s a great time to enjoy the game.

    Hit the range. Practice makes perfect, and there’s no better place to work out the kinks in your game than the range.

  2. Plan a trip with friends and/or family. Is there is anything better than a golf trip?
  3. Get a United States Golf Association (USGA) handicap. The USGA is the governing body of golf for all of the United States and Mexico, and also provides a national handicap system for golfers. Visit the USGA website* to learn more about establishing your handicap.
  4. Share the love. Introduce a friend or family member to the game you love!
  5. Take a lesson. Having a pro diagnose your game and offer instruction and tips for improvement can be a game-changer.
  6. Play a par-3 course. Speaking of improvement, what better way to sharpen your iron game than by playing a course consisting only of par-3s? Find one here*.
  7. Play with your kids. The memories made with your children on the course will last a lifetime, and you just may pass along a love for a game they can play for the rest of their lives.
  8. Splurge. Play somewhere you typically wouldn’t, whether that means a course a little outside your area or one that costs a little more than you usually spend.
  9. Book the first tee time. What better way to start the day than with a round of golf? Play through the dew without waiting on anyone (except maybe the grounds crew).
  10. Play 36 holes. If you start early, you can have lunch after the first 18 and then get back at it. Just think of the memories and stories that will come from the day you played 36!
  11. Play in a charity tournament. Spend the money you’d usually spend on a round, but feel good knowing it is going to a worthy cause.
  12. Walk. Skip the cart and play the way the pros play, by walking. If you’re not sure you can walk a full 18 holes, try walking nine.
  13. Treat yourself. Invest in that golf gear you’ve been eyeing.
  14. Party time. Throw a party and watch your favorite golf-themed movies*. It’s hard to go wrong with “Tin Cup,” “Caddyshack,” “Happy Gilmore” or your personal favorite!
  15. Get tech-y. Whether you want to watch the pros when you’re away from home, compete against other golfers, or get a little help lining up that tricky putt, there is a multitude of apps that can help.
  16. Keep stats. Your score isn’t the only number that matters. Track how many fairways and greens you hit as well.
  17. Make a golf bucket list. Put together a list of golf courses you want to play sometime in your lifetime. Think: Pebble Beach.
  18. Clean your clubs. If you take full advantage of National Golf Month, your clubs are likely to need some TLC. Give them a proper cleaning* with brush tool and water.

Interested in playing some competitive golf during National Golf Month? Check out these calendars to find an event that’s right for you:

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