Fleet cards are a convenient way to manage fuel and maintenance expense for your business’ vehicles, allowing you to save money and time. Fleet cards enable you to oversee your vehicle fleet and control cost to run your vehicles and business efficiently.  Here are some ways that a Visa® Fleet card could help fuel your business:

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Convenience: Visa® Fleet cards are accepted at over a million US Fleet Merchants. You and your employees get the flexibility to fuel where you need, when you need it because of the nationwide acceptance. They can also provide a better way to control your fleet management expenses by offering spending/transactions limits, limit purchase types to fuel only, and track spending by vehicle or employee. Fleet cards can also provide enhanced reporting and data so you can manage your fleet expenses easily.

Prevent Fraudulent Gas Charges: Visa® Fleet cards can make it easier for business owners to identify and prevent potential fraudulent fuel charges through the different measures of tracking and recording of every purchase. Additionally, Driver’s ID, Vehicle ID’s and PIN numbers can be required with every purchase.

Reduce Fuel Expenses:  Utilizing a Fleet card program with no fees and favorable payment terms can assist your business with cash flow.  Having a Fleet card program that offers cashback can fuel your business’ bottom line even more.

From discounted gas to more detailed expense reports, there are many advantages to utilizing a Visa® Fleet card. Fueling is an essential part of your business but by taking the right measures you can help your business fuel up without the worry of finding the “right” gas station or the use of lengthy paperwork. For more information about the Arvest Visa ® Purchasing Card with Fleet capabilities, please call (855) 250-8508.