It’s nice to have a home refresh every now and then.  Small, inexpensive updates can change the look and feel inside your home and give it new life.

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Paint or wallpaper can help transform a room with a new color scheme.  This is a generally inexpensive DIY option that you can tackle in a day or two. Painting is also a great refresh for old furniture you may have, in addition to updating its hardware.

Speaking of furniture, adding a new or unique find from a social media marketplace can really change up the look of a room.  Or rearrange the furniture you own to create an entirely new layout.

Updating your kitchen and bathroom hardware is subtle change you will notice every day!

If the definition of home refresh makes you think of a project on a bigger scale, such as a home  renovation – a home equity loan or home equity line of credit can help you fund that to-do list easier than you may think.  Learn more at

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