One of the best financial habits we can practice is pinching pennies. Identifying opportunities to save doesn’t mean you have to go without – it simply means you’re strategic before making a purchase. There are numerous places to find discounts on anything you buy – from mobile coupon apps, to consignment clothing, to the social media marketplace.  In fact, literally saving your pennies – and ALL of the spare change you accumulate – can total several hundred dollars a year.  And – take advantage of credit card rewards. You can earn points on everyday purchases, save money on future purchases, or get cash back using your points. When you see the financial benefits of being frugal on the little things, it can inspire you to do the same on the big stuff.

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Finding ways to stretch your dollar is a “must” when you land your first job. But – part of every paycheck needs to go into a SAVINGS account and an emergency fund. Aim to put 20 percent of your monthly pay in savings – and a separate 5 percent for emergencies. Setting up an automatic deposit from every paycheck will ensure that money earmarked for savings is never forgotten. Dedicate your pay raise or bonus to savings – and – before you know it, you’ll have a growing nest egg!