The money you save for a “rainy day” can be “depleted” in only ONE of life’s storms. So, how do you recover? Deep breath… Assess your bills and income – and rework your budget to live very modestly for at least a year. Jumpstart your savings by moving in with family or a friend and possibly take on a second job. Revisit “why” and “where” your money took the hardest hit and possibly change your financial strategy, with the help of a financial advisor who can help you rebuild your savings and emergency funds!

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Some of the moves you can start in your 20s to broaden your bank account begin with looking for opportunities to save. Those includes paper coupons, mobile coupon apps and FREE reward programs. Practice living beneath your means, value quality over quantity, and set limits on dining out and entertainment. You can still enjoy everything you like, just choose the frugal option! When you establish an Arvest savings account, set up automatic paycheck contributions so you pay your savings account first.