Establishing appropriate payment solutions is vital to the operation of your business. Whether you utilize a business credit card to purchase day-to-day supplies, take card payments, or equip employees with purchasing cards, you need the right tools. Are you utilizing the best payment solutions for your business?

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  1. Rewards Provide Value – Business credit cards often offer a rewards program that will help you maximize your business spending. When shopping for a business credit card, consider what is important to you and your business.  Would your business benefit from cash back or statement credits? You can earn rewards points on eligible purchases and redeem for cash back, statement credits, travel, and more. Get rewarded for spending and take advantage of what is of value to you and your business!
  2. Process Payments Conveniently – A great option for a small business is mobile payment processing. This makes taking payments on the go, easy and convenient. Accept payments with a mobile device and enjoy peace of mind knowing you can complete a secure and reliable transaction mobily. Select an option that offers easy-to-use technology and accepts EMV chip cards, contactless, and magnetic stripe payments anywhere you go!
  3. Purchasing Cards and ePayables – A Purchasing Card is a type of commercial credit card that allows businesses to simplify the procure-to-pay process while providing additional transaction data. Purchasing Cards help provide flexibility while maintaining control over employee spending. ePayables is a payment solution for businesses that is designed to create efficiency and added security to the accounts payable process through automation. ePayables allow a business to replace costly paper checks with single-use virtual card numbers that are generated when the invoice is processed.

Effective payment solutions create valuable time savings so you can focus on growing your business. Determine what could benefit your business today! To learn more about payment solutions to fit your needs, visit