When it comes to back-to-school shopping, you have a lot to check off your list.  Whether you are shopping online or taking advantage of a department store sale, it is important to keep your financial information secure.  According to Mastercard SpendingPulseTM, consumer spending during the back-to-school season is projected to increase 7.5% – despite inflation hitting a 40-year high.   As you “add to cart”, physically or virtually, consider these secure options to increase your safety and convenience this back-to-school season:

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  • Debit Card vs. Credit Card: Whether purchasing in-store or online, you have multiple options when deciding what form of payment to use.  Credit cards and debit cards function and look alike, but they provide different benefits.  Consider using your credit card on most everyday purchases and reserving your debit card for your smaller purchases or in lieu of carrying cash. This approach provides an extra layer of security that safeguards your bank account from potential compromise.  To avoid racking up interest charges, remember to pay your credit card balance in full once you have picked up your back-to-school necessities.
  • Utilize Visa® Purchase Alerts:  With near real-time Visa® Purchase Alerts, you can receive updates on your Arvest Visa® credit card activity to help reduce fraud and monitor your accounts, wherever you are.  You can select the delivery option that best meets your need, with text messages, emails or both for extra security and convenience.   This unique service is available free for Arvest Visa® credit cardholders.
  • Consider a Digital Wallet: A digital wallet is the simple, speedy, and secure way to pay with a compatible device. Enjoy all the benefits and security of your Arvest Bank debit or credit card while using your digital wallet.  You can leave your card in your purse or pocket, save time in the checkout process, and pay confidently knowing unique virtual numbers are used in place of your actual card numbers!  Download the app of your choice, then make purchases on the go at more than a million stores and in participating apps.
  • Additional Benefits: Your Arvest Visa® credit card offers many additional benefits.  With Visa’s Zero Liability Policy, you won’t be held responsible for unauthorized transactions made with your Arvest Visa® credit card.  You’re covered if your card is ever lost, stolen, or fraudulently used.  Additionally, as an Arvest credit cardholder, you have access to ID Navigator Powered by NortonLifeLockTM.  This tool keeps you informed of potential threats to your identity, so you can act quickly.

Securing your financial information and conveniently tracking transactions will help you confidently complete your back-to-school shopping.  Arvest Visa Signature® Card customers, view your Guide to Benefits here.  All other Arvest Personal Credit Card Customers can view your Guide to Benefits here.