Invoice and payment efficiencies are crucial to the management of a company’s cash flow. When working with multiple suppliers, it is important for the accounts payable process to be effective for both you and your suppliers. Arvest ePayables is an automated payment solution. Virtual cards are created and issued to each supplier in lieu of paper checks for recurring invoice expenses. There are many benefits when switching to ePayables:

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  1. Security: Reduce the risk of fraud by sending a payment directly to your supplier with a one-time use virtual card. Once the payment has been processed, the card is null and void.
  2. Increased Efficiency: With fewer checks, ePayables helps to reduce expenses while automating the accounts payable process. Cards are quickly generated and sent to suppliers, saving you time and money.
  3. Enhanced Reporting: ePayables provides enhanced reporting capabilities for reconciling. Suppliers receive additional data like invoice details and remittance information.
  4. Expedited Payments: As a buyer, you still manage and control when payments are generated. Once those payments are created and approved, suppliers receive their payment in less than 30 minutes, saving both buyer and supplier time and money.
  5. Rewarding: With flexible billing options, ePayables increases cash flow management as well as provide cash back opportunities.

In today’s virtual world, Arvest ePayables is ideal for the management of a company’s invoice expenses.  It greatly reduces your risk of fraud, while increasing transparency and control over your accounts payable process. Our ePayables program provides you with a secure and streamlined method of payment that can reduce expenses, improve cash flow, and turn your accounting department from a cost center to a profit center.

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