Your smile says a lot about you but paying for dental work for you and your family can get expensive. Regular visits to the dentist are important for your health, whether you are 8, 18, or 80! According to the American Dental Association the number one reason adults avoid the dentist is the cost.

Small business checking. We offer services that maximize the value of your business.

If you can, get dental coverage through your employer. You might receive a better deal than you could shopping for dental coverage on your own.

If you have been skipping your cleanings and end up needing real dental work, like straightening your teeth or fixing a gum issue, be sure to get prior authorization through your insurance. That way, you know what you will be charged at the end of the procedure.

Some dental emergencies come out of nowhere. To make sure you are not left unprepared, consider opening an Arvest Savings account to save for unexpected expenses. Arvest offers a variety of savings accounts to help you earn interest while saving money.

So, try to make regular dental visits routine. After all, maintenance is cheaper than paying to fix a cavity!

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