The holiday season is officially upon us, and with that comes festive photos to send with your holiday cards. If you’re searching for inspiration on how best to share your season’s greetings with family and friends and ready to check another item off your to-do list, check out some of the ideas we’ve rounded up below:

1.      Capture a Moment
Take a photo of you with your family or friends doing an activity together or sharing a tradition – like sledding, hanging lights, caroling or sipping cocoa. The smiles and happiness will radiate naturally and spread joy to those who see your card.

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2.      Enjoy the Outdoors
Bring the camera outside to capture a festive scene. From picking pumpkins or playing in the leaves to embarking on a skiing adventure or enjoying a winter wonderland, the cheerful backdrop will help set the scene for the holidays.

3.      Share Your Good News
If you’ve tied the knot, moved to a new home, added a new member to the family or have other exciting announcements from the year, the holidays are a great time to share the news. Choose your favorite photos from the year and feature them in your holiday card.

4.      Show Your Playful Side
Let your personalities shine by photographing yourselves being silly and lighthearted in relaxing environments. Create joyful scenes by making jokes and being playful. Keep everyone at ease for a naturally happy and cheerful look, which will make everyone looking at your card smile, too.

5.      Include the Whole Family
Take photos with all the family members – including parents, grandparents and other important people. Capture special moments spent among all generations of family and friends. Then share those special moments in your card for the holidays, and cherish the beautiful memories for a lifetime.

6.      Feature the Furry Family
Everyone loves pet photos, so don’t forget to include your furry family in holiday portraits. Take photos of them against a festive backdrop – like lights, garland or trees – or capture candid shots of your pets playing.

7.      Keep it Cozy
Make your photo simple and fun by getting everyone to wear festive attire for the group portrait. Dressing in holiday-themed socks, matching pajamas, ugly Christmas sweaters or silly hats and posing by the fire will add to the sense of coziness and togetherness in the photo. Don’t forget to dress up your furry family, too. Snuggle up with a pet, loved one or the whole family for the most comfortable holiday photo ever.

You and your family are one-of-a-kind, and your holiday pictures should reflect that. Once you’ve determined a theme that best matches the unique style of you and your family, you’re ready for the fun part – creating and sharing your festive joy with loved ones for the holidays.

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