Communicating with our customers in a timely and convenient manner is very important, and email has played a key role in doing so. Not only have we conveyed important notices about bank services or customer transactions, but we are also able to inform you of products that may enhance your finances and financial health. Now, we are pleased to share that we have been working toward improving our customers’ email reading experience. Some of those improvements include:

Enhanced display of message

Whether you prefer to read email on a desktop or on a mobile device, it should be easy to read. You shouldn’t have to squint when reading it on a smaller digital accessory. Our emails will render just as well, or better on a mobile phone or tablet.

Easy to respond

Sometimes clicking on an email link can be a challenge if it’s too small or too close to something else that is clickable. And clicking on an unintended link can be frustrating and sometimes dangerous, so we’ve improved the distance between those options.

Easy to identify

Making sure you recognize Arvest Bank emails is a crucial part of taking cyber security measures. Although we can’t control cyber criminals and their attempt to create fake emails, you can be sure that our messages will represent and mirror our website. This doesn’t replace other important steps you should take, but recognizing Arvest email messages and practices (such as never attaching unsolicited documents or asking you to reply with personal information) is an important step to protecting yourself.

Here’s what you can expect in your inbox in the coming months:

Current Emails                                                                       New Emails

                                                  New Email Format

Email has made it convenient and easy to keep our customers up-to-date and informed, and as technology evolves and progresses, Arvest will as well!