Arvest Bank was deeply saddened and troubled to learn the tragic news of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

This is just one of several recent incidents drawing national attention indicating that we as a society still have progress to make in stopping racism, violence and hate, negative biases and stereotypes. These incidents are deeply troubling, and combined with daily news about the global COVID-19 pandemic, they are even more stressful and disheartening. Images from the protests across the country have highlighted the anger and frustration that so many feel about the systemic injustice that continues to exist. We are a team here at Arvest, one that shares a common mission and one that promises to live by our core values.

As a company that believes in equality, diversity, and inclusion, Arvest condemns all acts of racial violence and racism against African Americans and other people of color. In keeping with our deep commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, we will continue to invest resources and time in this area. Arvest is committed to fostering an inclusive work environment that mirrors our customers and communities.

In order for inclusion to thrive, racism must not.

Real change requires us all to actively participate in the hard work that lies ahead. This hard work must be done for our nation and our world to heal, grow stronger, and for us to move forward as one people with a shared voice. This is a time to stand strong together. Let’s be kind. Let’s listen. Let’s have empathy. Let’s stand up for each other and be the change we want to see!