Arvest Wealth Management recently announced a record-breaking year in terms of assets under management and revenue growth.

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Arvest Wealth Management, which offers wealth management, trust, investment, and insurance products and services, has investment and trust advisors throughout Arvest Bank’s four-state footprint. Its $15.9 billion in assets under management – as of year-end 2021 – was up from $14.4 billion year-over-year. Additionally, revenues were up from $69 million in 2020 to $87 million in 2021.

“More important than the numbers was the growth we saw in expanding our relationships with existing clients to more effectively meet their ever-changing financial needs,” Arvest Wealth Management president and CEO Jim King said. “We also saw significant growth in the number of Arvest Bank customers who began relationships with Arvest Wealth Management advisors. The ongoing pandemic continues to demonstrate the importance of the planning and advice our clients seek from our investment and trust advisors.”

King said Arvest Wealth Management will introduce a new digital platform later this year in an effort to engage with a new demographic of investors.

“We are excited because we want to provide our advisors the digital tools they need to engage with customers more effectively by embracing innovative digital channels that many consumers are expecting,” King said. “We are committed to reaching those who are in the early stages of investing and are more inclined to prefer digital services in their daily lives.

“Additionally, we remain committed to providing educational and informational content as market conditions and legislative changes demand. Many of these resources can be found at”