In observance of Veterans Day, all Arvest branches and the customer service line will be closed on Friday, November 11th.

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Veterans Day, a time to reflect upon and thank those who are serving or have served, provides an opportunity to celebrate the heroism, patriotism, and willingness that many men and women have displayed over the years for the common good. Although we can never repay them for their sacrifice, there are some easy ways to show appreciation for all our military members service, past and present:

Fly the flag. This is a small act of recognizing and showing appreciation for those who have served. Just make sure you’re observing the proper rules for flag display.

Send a postcard or note. Reach out to a Veteran that you know and simply thank them for their service, past or present. Even a phone call or a text would work, as it is the thought that counts.

Support businesses that support our military. Treat a Veteran to a meal from one of the many restaurants that offer promotions on Veterans Day for military members and their families. If you’re not military, you can simply show your support by patronizing a business that supports the military.

Offer to pay it forward. Cover the cost for the person behind you in line at the drive-thru in honor of Veterans Day. Encourage them to do the same by leaving a note with your message of spreading kindness and encouraging others to remember the day. You never know — they might be a veteran!

Get to know them. One way that you can give something back to a Veteran who was willing to sacrifice everything is to spend time with them and really listen to them. You can get to know them as a person by asking about their interests or about some of their personal memories.

We are fortunate to have a day that provides a national platform through which we can show our appreciation for veterans, and these are just a few ways to do so. However, a simple “thank you” at any time during the year is the greatest gesture you can offer. Whenever you see someone in uniform, extend a simple word of gratitude or small act of kindness to show how much their service means to you, not just on Veterans Day, but every day.