In observance of Veterans Day, all Arvest branches and the customer service line will be closed on Thursday, November 11th.

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Veterans Day is a special day to pay our respect and honor those who have served our country. Here are some ways to support Veterans in your community this Veterans Day and say, “Thank you for your service.”:

  1. Pick up the tab. If you see a Veteran eating somewhere, show your support by offering to buy a meal in honor of their service. Any random act of kindness that you can do for a Veteran on Veterans Day, do it!
  2. Volunteer for an organization that supports Veterans. Consider volunteering for a local non-profit organization that helps Veterans and their families.
  3. Write a thoughtful note or letter saying “thanks”. Writing a note thanking a Veteran for their service is a simple action that can make a huge impact. If you know a Veteran in your neighborhood, consider putting a note of thanks in their mailbox.
  4. Get to know them. One way that you can give something back to a Veteran who was willing to sacrifice everything is to spend time with them and really listen to them. You can get to know them as a person by asking about their interests or about some of their personal memories.
  5. Say “Thank you”. Simply saying “Thank you for your service” can go a long way. All Veterans deserve to have their service recognized and remembered.

Whatever you choose to do on Veterans Day, don’t let the day pass by without stopping to consider what so many brave men and women have done for our country. Show your support for Veterans on Veterans Day and every day.