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If there was ever a time to try to offset higher food and grocery prices, it is now, as Thanksgiving quickly approaches. While there are still ways to celebrate, it may mean breaking some traditions and adjusting budgets. Here are some ideas to help create a unique and memorable holiday that you and your family will enjoy and maybe even reminisce about for years to come:

Set a budget. If you are contributing to the meal by preparing a dish or if you are providing the entire meal, it’s best to have an idea of how much you’re able to spend per person. By setting boundaries on the amount you will spend, you’ll be less susceptible to impulse purchases. You can consider substituting certain ingredients or dishes or omitting them entirely if they fall outside your budget. Keep it simple. It’s much more cost effective to make large amounts of a few classic Thanksgiving dishes that are often inexpensive than to serve many different dishes.

Plan ahead. Make a plan for what you’re going to purchase once your budget has been set. Consider stretching the costs across multiple paychecks by picking up some of the ingredients in advance that won’t perish quickly. This may help avoid the headache of potential shortages or supply chain issues that may cause you to make last minute substitutes or changes to your meal plans. If you are able to, buy the Thanksgiving turkey weeks in advance if you can make the necessary freezer space. The longer you wait, the harder it may be to find the best deal.

Share the cost. Just because you are hosting the meal does not mean you need to do everything. Ask your guests to bring something or make a sign-up sheet where family members and friends can agree to make certain dishes. By taking a collective approach to cooking your holiday meal and spreading out the cost of the meal, everyone will end up saving time and money.

Shop smart. There are usually sales around Thanksgiving on most of the ingredients you will need. By planning your shopping list in advance, you can start looking for discounts days, or even weeks, before Thanksgiving. Consider using reputable websites that provide free coupons or use cash back shopping apps to save some money. Convenience foods make our lives easier, but they are often overpriced. Determine what you are capable of cooking, or baking, then defer to your budget to determine if purchasing any premade food is feasible. You can also save money by serving food and vegetables that are in season.

Change can be good. Breaking traditions for the sake of making the holiday more affordable can be hard on the heart, but it may be necessary this year. Making changes like serving a filling lunch or brunch rather than dinner or serving a lunch before the big Thanksgiving meal can help from a savings standpoint. You could also consider a serving non-traditional meal that is less expensive. The thing to remember is your guests will treasure the quality time they got to spend with family and friends, no matter how you decide to celebrate.

These tips will ensure you will have a great meal without spending a fortune. Keep in mind, Thanksgiving isn’t about extravagant meals or keeping up appearances. It’s a time for family and close friends to celebrate one more year together.