Arvest once again is pleased to announce a change that will enhance our reputation as a nationally recognized employer of choice. Now in effect, Arvest offers a minimum hourly starting rate of $15 for full- and part-time associates.

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“Providing top-notch service to our customers is the Arvest way, and one of the many creative approaches we take to ensure customer expectations are met starts from the inside out,” Arvest director of compensation Lisa Holland said. “When our associates are treated well, our customers are treated well, too. Satisfied associates invested in their roles are also highly invested in their customers.

“This belief applies to many areas and is especially true for compensation. Arvest associates who are compensated for the excellent customer service they provide create stronger, longer-lasting and more meaningful relationships with the people and communities they serve.”

In addition to our focus on strengthening bonds with our customers, Arvest’s desire to promote a culture of fair and equitable pay and our annual in-depth market analysis of compensation helped drive the decision to increase associates’ hourly starting rate to a minimum of $15. This new, competitive compensation is aligned with market pay for comparable positions throughout Arvest’s four-state footprint.

Earlier this year, Arvest announced a new, 12-week paid parental leave policy designed to provide additional support to associates with newborn or newly adopted children, promote greater work-life balance and reinforce our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Associates with a minimum of one year of employment at Arvest are immediately eligible for 12 weeks of parental leave, compensated at 100 percent of their base pay.

Arvest believes these changes help illustrate why we were honored as an employer of choice by both Forbes and Newsweek magazines in 2021. Learn more about Arvest’s workplace culture and employment opportunities at