The Duncan Public School athletic department is getting a boost thanks to two grants totaling $15,000 from the Arvest Foundation. The baseball and softball teams received $5,000 to assist in funding the construction of their new indoor hitting facility, and the wrestling team received $10,000 to help purchase new equipment for the Hoover Family Wrestling Center.

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“Duncan Public Schools is very grateful for the financial donation from the Arvest Foundation,” Duncan High School Athletic Director Bobby Cook said. “We are very proud of the community that we serve and the interest and commitment for our students. The donation was a huge help in aiding our athletic facilities improvements.”

Duncan Community Bank President Hal Labyer, mortgage manager Chris Toomey and commercial lender Craig Taliaferro of Arvest Bank presented the check to Ashton Cooper, Corey Ensey, Jonathan Jeffrey, Jimmy Miller and Eddie Mullens from Duncan High School.

“We are pleased to present this donation on behalf of the Arvest Foundation to help provide funds for Duncan Public School athletic programs,” Labyer said. “It’s exciting to see the baseball and softball teams have a facility that can be used no matter what the weather may be. We are also fortunate to have a wrestling facility in southwest Oklahoma that is one of the best in the nation.”