Families in Pope County, Ark., will benefit from a $5,000 grant from the Arvest Foundation.

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The gift was announced today at the Pope County Riding Club. Jessy Moreno, Brittany Tolliver, Joel Arivett, Aaron McElroy, Megan Chenowith and Vanessa Zavala of Arvest Bank were on hand to present the check.

“We really appreciate the grant from the Arvest Foundation,” said Ed White, vice president of the Pope County Riding Club. “The riding club’s mission is to provide a safe and clean facility for families in the community to hold rodeos, barrel racing, horse shows and other events. The funds will help us meet that goal by renovating the bathrooms to accommodate children with disabilities and by updating our concession stand area.”

“We are pleased to present this grant on behalf of the Arvest Foundation to the Pope County Riding Club,” Moreno said. “The children and families in the community will greatly benefit from these improvements to the facility. This is just one of many examples of the foundation’s ongoing commitment to help support our community.”