The Arvest Foundation recently donated $2,000 to both the Flippin and Yellville-Summit school districts in North Central Arkansas to help fund college scholarships for graduating seniors. High school staff who make up the scholarship committees at both schools will review requests and determine the number of scholarships to be awarded.

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“Our seniors have endured some unusual and unique circumstances over the last couple of years, so these scholarship funds provide a much-needed lift as they wind down their time with us and look forward to higher education opportunities,” Flippin High School counselor Angie Nix said. “We can’t thank the Arvest Foundation enough for this gift.”

This marks the second consecutive year the Arvest Foundation has provided support to the Yellville-Summit School District in the form of scholarship funding.

“We really appreciate the support the Arvest Foundation has shown our students and their families,” Yellville-Summit High School counselor Kary Duffy said. “It has been inspiring to see our seniors persevere through some tough and trying times, and it is wonderful to see some of them rewarded in this way. We appreciate the Arvest Foundation’s generosity.”

“We are so proud to represent the Arvest Foundation and provide these gifts to jump-start the next chapters in these students’ lives,” said Mike Willard, president and CEO of Arvest Bank in North Central Arkansas. “We look forward to watching them continue their journeys and take advantage of the opportunities that higher education provides. We also trust these gifts reflect the foundation’s ongoing commitment to our communities.”

Flippin High School and Yellville-Summit High School plan to graduate 89 and 52 students, respectively, in the 2021 class.