Officers in Dover, Ark., will benefit from a $5,000 grant from the Arvest Foundation. The gift was announced recently at Dover City Hall. Joel Arivett of Arvest Wealth Management joined Arvest Bank associates Brittany Tolliver, Shawn Bates, Jason McGee and Megan Chenowith to present the check. The funds will be used to purchase radios and camera equipment for the city’s patrol cars.

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“The City of Dover and Dover Marshals Office would like to thank the Arvest Foundation for the $5,000 grant,” said David Dalrymple, Chief Marshal of the Dover Marshals Office. “The funds will be used for a much-needed update to our patrol cars’ camera and radio equipment. These updates to the patrol cars will help our department to better protect and serve the citizens of Dover.”

“We are pleased to present this donation on behalf of the Arvest Foundation to support the Dover Marshals Office and its efforts to improve the technology needed to protect our community,” said Bates. “This donation is just one of many we have made throughout the area, and we trust it demonstrates the foundation’s ongoing commitment in our region.”