The Arvest Foundation recently announced a donation of $10,000 to Arkansas State University System Foundation, Inc.

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“We are so pleased the Arvest Foundation has chosen to make this grant to the Arkansas State University System Foundation and the Bradbury Art Museum,” said Kevin Hufstedler, community bank president of Arvest Bank in Northeast Arkansas. “Our goal for this grant is that it helps enrich educational experiences for children in our local school systems and opens doors to opportunities that could make a lifelong impact on students’ futures.”

The purpose of the grant is to support the Bradbury Art Museum’s upcoming project ‘BAM Van.’ The BAM Van will travel to area schools to display artwork and provide additional education opportunities for children.

“I appreciate the support of the Arvest Foundation toward our BAM Van and its mission to bring art to our local schools,” said Kelly Damphousse, chancellor at Arkansas State University. “We know that outreach to our area schools can make a huge difference to inspire children. The more we can encourage the imagination of our youth, the more we all benefit.”

“This project will allow Bradbury Art Museum to play an even greater role in the communities we serve,” said Garry Holstein, director of Bradbury Art Museum and Fowler Center at Arkansas State University. “While we continuously strive to invite our stakeholders to participate in our activities, the BAM Van will allow us to be an active participant in area events and schools. Thank you again to the Arvest Foundation for its commitment to the future of our students, community and region.”