The Arvest Foundation donated a grant for $3,000 to the Margaret Daniel Primary School Foundation in the Ashdown (Ark.) School District. The gift will provide resources for teachers in the form of creative learning opportunities and school programs.

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“Every educator faces the challenge of piquing students’ interest, so they want to learn, and then harnessing that curiosity and love for learning for the remainder of the school year,” said Kay York, principal of Margaret Daniel Primary School. “The support we provide our teachers translates to success in the classroom, so we are grateful to the Arvest Foundation for their commitment to education in our community.”

“Teachers are an invaluable resource for our children,” said Danny Young, market president of Arvest Bank in Ashdown. “The education and influence they provide our children will remain with them throughout their lives, so it’s important to us that we invest in this experience for everyone involved.”

The goals of the Margaret Daniel Primary School Foundation are to enhance the creative minds of students, provide the means in which students can experience new and innovative educational materials, and achieve improvement through a focused investment of resources.