The Arvest Foundation donated $5,000 to Mission Clinical Services at the Cooper Anthony Mercy Child Advocacy Center (CAMCAC).

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The donation will be split between two areas of CAMCAC’s Mission Clinical Services: the ongoing programming for the children they serve, and child abuse prevention education.

CAMCAC offers a multidisciplinary approach to assessing and responding to alleged cases of child abuse. The center is one of 14 advocacy centers in Arkansas, but is the only one located in a hospital. CAMCAC offers a comprehensive approach to assessing, responding and caring for victims of child abuse. The CAMCAC is often the first place children go after allegations of child abuse arise. When they arrive, they are met with a child-friendly environment and staff trained to reduce trauma that can result from child abuse investigations.

“The Cooper-Anthony Mercy Child Advocacy Center is a place no parent or child wants to end up, but if they unfortunately do, they are met with the best of care and friendliest, most supportive specialists,” said Franklin Bass, president of Arvest Bank in Hot Springs. “We are extremely fortunate to have a center like Cooper-Anthony in our area that can protect these children when those around them haven’t.”

CAMCAC collaborates with multiple agencies, including law enforcement, mental health support providers and child protective services in 11 counties across Arkansas. This collaborative approach helps reduce potential trauma placed on the children at the center of child abuse investigations.

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