BARTLESVILLE, Okla. (Nov. 8, 2021) – The Arvest Foundation recently announced a $5,000 contribution to Veteran’s Connection Organization (VCO).

Help us fight hunger in our community.

Arvest Bank sales manager Whitney Watson presented the check to Sharon Reese-McGlory, executive director of VCO.

“It is an honor to present this check on behalf of the Arvest Foundation,” said Watson. “Veteran’s Connection is making a significant difference in our community by recognizing needs and finding solutions.”

VCO is a non-profit organization serving veterans, service members, and their families. VCO helps enhance the quality of life of veterans by advocating for their needs, providing connection to resources, and promoting opportunities.

“VCO appreciates the support shown by the Arvest Foundation,” McGlory said. “These funds will be used for utilities deposits, apartments deposits and apartment start-up kits.”

The Arvest Foundation seeks to provide funding to grantees who are actively working to create positive change for others. Major areas of focus include: K-12 education, economic development, and enhancing the quality of life throughout the Arvest footprint.