The Arvest Foundation recently announced a $15,000 contribution to Bartlesville (Okla.) Public Schools Foundation (BPSF).

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Arvest local bank president Kim Adams and Arvest community and business relations advisor Chris Batchelder presented the check to Blair Ellis, executive director of BPSF and to Chuck McCauley, superintendent of Bartlesville Public Schools (BPS) at the June BPS monthly board meeting.

“It is our pleasure to present this donation on behalf of the Arvest Foundation to support the mission of Bartlesville Public Schools Foundation in advancing quality education in Bartlesville public schools,” said Adams. “This is a wonderful opportunity to enrich the lives of students in our community by meeting the needs in education and overall student wellness.”

The funds will support two current BPS needs for the upcoming school year. The first is the creation of a broadcasting studio for students to not only learn about the field of broadcasting, but actually implement their skills in a real-world media studio. This broadcasting studio will be used for students to deliver newscasts from start to finish, including writing story scripts and achieving the right voice quality, diction and timing. Students will apply their skills at BPS sporting events, fine art productions, awards ceremonies, Bruin TV and more.

The funds from the Arvest Foundation will also be used to enrich the Bruins on the Run program. Implemented in 2018 by BPSF, Bruins on the Run serves all fifth-grade students at Bartlesville’s six elementary schools. Students run after school with a teacher-mentor three days a week. The students are all given a pair of quality running shoes, t-shirts and participate in the Woolaroc 8K at the end of their training sessions. All costs for participation are covered by BPSF, allowing every fifth-grade student to participate at no charge to them. Students gain increased physical and mental health, confidence and ability to set and achieve goals, enhanced focus in the classroom, and an opportunity to develop quality relationships with friends and teachers as well as cultivate healthy habits and maybe find a life-long love of running.

“We are grateful to the Arvest Foundation for their generous support of Bartlesville Public Schools Foundation,” Ellis said. “This donation will allow us to begin a new program with the broadcasting studio and will go a long way to support our successful Bruins on the Run program.”