Arvest Bank in southwest Oklahoma has partnered with the Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation (DAEDF) as part of DAEDF’s “Move Duncan” talent relocation initiative.

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The program’s purpose is to encourage and reward qualified individuals who move to Stephens County for work. Arvest is one of DAEDF’s financial partners for the initiative. Anyone who qualifies for “Move Duncan” based on DAEDF’s criteria can receive $2,000 to apply toward their home closing costs. If an individual decides to purchase or finance a home through Arvest Bank, they must also meet the bank’s loan underwriting guidelines for the $2,000 to count toward their home closing costs.

“We’re excited to partner with DAEDF for this initiative to bolster the area’s workforce,” said Chris Toomey, Mortgage Loan Manager for southwest Oklahoma. “Bringing in new talent will shake things up in a good way and give local businesses a much-needed boost. We can’t wait to see the impact ‘Move Duncan’ will have in our area.”

To learn more and apply today, visit or contact DAEDF by calling (580) 255-9675 or emailing